What we stand for

Our values

At Netcare 911, we subscribe fully to living the values of the Netcare Group.

Our core value is care. We care about the dignity of our patients and all members of the Netcare family. We care about the participation of our people and our partners in everything that we do. We care about truth in all our actions. We are passionate about quality care and professional excellence.


The basis of our business. The professional, ethical patient care and services we offer at every level of the organisation.



An acknowledgement of the uniqueness of individuals. A commitment to care with the qualities of respect and understanding.



The willingness and desire to work in productive and creative partnership with others. The commitment to communicate.


The crucial element to building relationships that work. Open communication with honesty and integrity is essential.



The creative, passionate and innovative drive to do things better than before - to develop and implement successful healthcare solutions for all.

Building the Netcare way

Our core purpose 

Providing you with the best and safest patient care.

Our vision 

  • Develop and implement solutions to provide quality, healthcare by inspiring our people, encouraging innovation and optimising our operations to deliver value for all stakeholders.
  • Strive for consistent and excellent patient care delivered by people who are passionate about the sanctity of life, personal respect and dignity.
  • Grow our investments in people, infrastructure and technology and develop lasting relationships with healthcare professionals.
  • Be a leading corporate citizen, proud of our heritage and what we contribute to society.