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Netcare App

The first 60 minutes following a medical emergency is often referred to as the ‘golden hour’. This is the window of opportunity where appropriate pre-hospital emergency medical care can positively impact a patient’s outcome.

The recently upgraded emergency mobile Netcare App uses smartphone technology to get you the medical assistance you need in an emergency. This potentially life-saving service is designed to reduce emergency response time, ensuring that Netcare 911 emergency medical personnel reach you in the shortest possible time when you need them the most.

The app incorporates a GPS location feature. Should you be in need of emergency medical assistance for an accident or injury but don’t know your exact location, or are riding or walking off-road, all you have to do is call Netcare 911 from the App.

The GPS feature will provide Netcare 911with your exact location, which assists them to dispatch help to the right place, first time, reducing response time.

With the simple swipe you can:

  • call Netcare’s emergency medical service, Netcare 911, for immediate assistance;
  • find contact details for your nearest Netcare hospital, Medicross medical and dental centre, and pharmacies at these facilities;
  • get directions to doctors and dentists via GPS navigation; and
  • make a doctor or dentist appointment through Netcare appointmed.